Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fortune 500 - 2005

The latest issue of Fortune (Vol. 152, No. 2, July 25, 2005) contains their latest Fortune 500 2005 list. The top-10 remained unchanged with Wal Mart at 1, BP at 2, Exxon at 3, Royal Dutch at 4, Genral Motors at 5, Daimler Chrysler at 6, Toyota at 7, Ford at 8, GE at 9, and Total taking the 10st spot.

The biggest loosers in the Fortune 500 2005 are Viacom (-17,462 M$), Vodaphone (-13,910 M$), AT&T (-6,469 M$), Delta Air Lines (-5,198 M$) and UFJ Holdings (-5,159 M$).

The biggest climbers are: Mitshubishi, Alcan, Manulife, Power Corp. of Canada, Plains all American Pipeline and Air France-KLM.

The cutof for the list - the revenue needed to be ranked No.500 rose by a record 15%, to $12,4 billion. 41 companies that were in the the 2004 Fortune 500 didn't make it into the 2005 edition, no less than 23 of them being USA companies. The weak dollar is supposed to be the underlying reason for this.

The issue of Fortune also contains intersting industry rankings and rankings within countries.